Wow, I never thought I would actually Blog! I am certainly not a Blogger by any means. For those of you who know me well, you know I love talking about the Gospel. But you also know I can be very awkward and pathetic at doing so. So please, be sympathetic to the way I approach this Blog.

Although I will try my best to be led by the inspiration of the Lord, you will have to excuse the errors you find in my posts. I hope you will look past that though and appreciate the messages I share. My posts will not be full discourses. There are others who have undertaken such a work. I just hope to share with you what I learn along the way. This Blog allows me to lift my voice in defense of what I believe to be true and righteous.

I am not addressing this message to the world. I am particularly addressing it towards those closest to me: my immediate family and friends. I do this by way of inspiration and love. 

Lastly, I assume you (the reader) are familiar with the scriptures, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His Doctrine. If not, in addition to what you read here, I hope you will take the time to study these things out on your own and join me in opening our hearts to truth.

– Jeff


1 thought on “About”

  1. Amazing blog. Some incredible scripture references and your thoughts on Zion are what I have been finding as well. We are to ASSIST the remnant of the house of Javob, aka The Indigenous People AKA the Native Americans.

    Thanks for your words on the Second Comforter and our potential to become prophets. Great sources of truth! You are very brave, I pray you are not cast out of anything or any corporation for your candid study, but if you are, then you are probably one step closer to becoming a true prophet, so I pray tha you find and share more truth and we can build Zion instead of waiting for some Presidente or Construction Engineer

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